Psychologic counseling in English

About me

I'm a Friuli Venezia Giulia licensed psychologist. I attended university in Trieste (Bachelor's degree) and in Padua (Master's degree). I am attending the psychotherapy school "Centro di Psicologia Dinamica" in Padua. 
I am a member of AIAT (Associazione Italiana di Analisi Transazionale) and EATA (European Association of Transactional Analysis) and EMDR Italia. 

My theorical approach is Transactional Analysis (TA) integrated with other theories (such as Psychoanalysis, Cognitive behavioural therapy, Gestalt therapy, Constructivism, PNL, EMDR).

Besides my private practice, I collaborated with associations supporting informal caregiver of people with dementia (CasaViola), and working with perpetrators on gender based violence (InterPares). I am volunteering in the field of psychology of infertility at Trieste's maternity and child hospital Burlo Garofolo and I was a volunteer in the Psicologi per i popoli Association (emergency psychology).

My approach

I am convinced that everyone has the potentiality of growth and change.  Client and psychologist work together, setting the goal of their work and sharing the responsibility of the outcome.
My style is empathic and non-judgmental.  

What I do


Discover your goals and how to reach them using your strenghts

Psychologic counseling 

Explore your needs or how to deal with a difficult time


Explore who you are and how to heal to find fulfillment in your personal and professional life

relaxation techniques

Learn how anxiety works and practice relaxation techniques to live with less stress

I work with people who have a variety of problems, including
  • Anxiety disorders 
  • Mood disorders 
  • Somatic symptom disorder 
  • Low self esteem
  • Relational problems 
  • Difficult moments 
  • Confusion, indecision 

How it is going to be

After initial sessions devoted to exploring the problem that made you contact me, we'll define your goals: it will be our compass during the next sessions to go in the right direction. 

What I'm going to do:
  • I will attentively and empathically listen to you;
  • I will ask questions to better understand the problem and what you really want;
  • If necessary, I will give you information ("psychoeducation").
What I'm NOT going to do:
  • I will not give you pre-packaged solutions;
  • I will not judge you nor I will diminish your experience;
  • I will not impose my opinion on you.
Each session will be 50 mins long, in which all my attention will be dedicated to my client. 

Psychological and psychotherapeutic sessions are health services and can be added in your tax allowances submitting the income tax return.

Covid 19

I follow the guidelines of the Ordine degli Psicologi del FVG about the Covid-19 emergency. 

Contact me

Feel free to contact me for more information or to book an appointment  
+39 351 852 7340 (phone calls, SMS & WhatsApp)
I work in Trieste (Italy), in the piazza del Perugino area  
or we can have online sessions